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The notorious gang consisting of famous cereal box characters including: the Trix Rabbit, Lucky the Leprechaun, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Count Chocula, Sonny, Cap'N Crunch, and the Honeycomb Crazy Craving.

Note: Although characters may derive from different cereal corporations they are all equally ghetto in their own way and therefore do not need to be excluded or removed from the cereal box gang. Any other cereal box characters not found to be members of the cereal box gang have been thoroughly considered and do not qualify to be ghetto enough for the cereal box gang. To further explore the cereal box gang members refer to
News Reporter: It was reported that yesterday the notorious cereal box gang robbed a local grocery store of all its cereal. Apparently the leader of the gang, the Trix Rabbit, had roared, "If I don't get some Trix, I'm gonna get angry!" It was then said that a man who found Trix to have a blank taste, called the Rabbit "fruity" and was then beaten by the Rabbit shortly after.
by Julian Alvarez January 01, 2004
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