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city right off of Birmingham, Alabama.

its a ghetto place, and you can frequently hear police chases and drug busts on the Parkway.

dont walk the streets at night, and watch out for the homeless drunks and druggies that inhabit the interstate exits. they will walk right up to your vehicle so make sure not to make eye contact and always leave your windows up.

there are so many churches almost always under baptist or methodist names through this area, but be wary. the preachers and pastors are probably gang members.
Brodregus: i didnt know that place was so ghetto! it was almost like walking through Centerpoint.

Quindacea: mmmhmm, i aint never seen so many hobos under the bridge as i seen in centerpoint, alabama

Nicholas: do you ACTUALLY live in centerpoint?
Peter: no way! i could never live in such a slum!!
by ms99 December 26, 2010

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