Hiding the truth to save your ass.
Why wasn't my definition of "Zionist" or "gentile" published on UrbanDictionary.com? There didn't seem to be a problem when I was making fun of Christians...The Zionists must be exercising censorship of this website, too. : (
by Not Surprised 2009 August 17, 2009
The reason why anime sucks so bad when it is "translated" for American audiences.
Thank god I have a collection of subtitled anime shows because the dubs of most of the shows are censored to the point where they are sometimes 30 minutes shorter than the original.
by Akira August 28, 2003
Something soccer moms see as shikkerific, but it's a pain in the pompis.
Soccer Mom- Eminem's music is too vulgar. Thank goodness we have censorship!
Shawn B.- You sadistic old hag! *shoots her with Uzi* Who else wants some?! *others back off*
by Shawn B. April 03, 2003
"Comment removed by the cyberpolice"
Thats Censorship folks.
by Steve101101001010 September 05, 2011
An admission that you have lost an argument or debate.
She knew i had the upperhand in the debate, so she resorted to censorship
by tory borty December 26, 2012
(N.) 1.What my senior classroom computers do to everything typed on the computer.
2. Look on the Internet for the WWF's Right to Censor. (that's some good stuff.)
I F****** hate muthaf****** censorship, biznatch!
by G-Union May 19, 2003
the act of banning porn

a.k.a. cockblocker.
Fucking censorship can't make me fap.
by Apexe April 08, 2013

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