What stupid soccer moms do to stop their childern from listening or watching or playing "devilish" media. When in reality it all comes back to the first amendment about free speech. If you don't like it change the channel change the station. dont ruin it for the rest of us whose parents arent retarted enough to stop us from learning what were goin to anyways. And ANYONE and i mean ANYONE who kills someone or cuts their wrists or commits a serious crime or suicide b/c of music games or tv DOESNT DESERVE TO LIVE
Curtis killed 38 people with a harpoon gun because he watched the osbournes... ya thats it.
So censorship must be the answer.
by Ranger Rimjob September 19, 2005
Well, I guess UrbanDicktionary isn't going to let me define PG anymore. They fucking removed a definition that had been up for a year. How about this: underage pussy doctor. You can't censor that. Who's underage? The doctor or the pussy? And what's underage? Under 40? Under 25? Assholes. You let half-literate douche bags define "Punk'd" for fuck sakes. C'mon "Punk'd?" At least fucking spell it right. I'm fucking out of here, c'mon Carl let's go eat fried chicken.
Censorship is a terrrible, terrible thing invented in the fall of 2003 to keep the thoughts and zingy, one-liners of Ben Edelman from reaching the public. People who vote for George W. Bush and who secretly touch small, woodland creatures in no-no places support censorship. God it's great to drink in the morning.
by The Original Slim Bavis April 01, 2005
An evil to society. Now they censor everything in the US fucking A. Just because a bunch of dumb religious parents don't want their kids to know what a penis is doesn't mean the rest of society should be prevented from knowing. Plus many things censored are natural instincts (sex, masturbation, etc.) and therefore people will find ways to learn about them, even with censorship.
The worst part of censorship is *********************
by your mother wants me October 17, 2005
A technique designed to blind the world's children from what they will someday learn.
-Commonly used in Japanese animation(anime) which may contain brief nudity or drug use, this is why people in America do not watch Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, or Dragon Ball GT, because they are so censored that they seem so extremely stupid that it's not even good anymore. Thank god anime like Akira and Neon Genesis Evangelion were never censored.
-Also used in music as a sticker that may read, "Parental Advisory Explicit Content." that is used to try to prevent children from listening to music that is deemed "offensive" and that may even help expand their horizons as individualists. It is sometimes true that some material in music leads to violence, but those who do take violent lyrics seriosuly are just idiots.
Cencorship is commonly used in China, as well as the United States and throughout Europe.
by colin January 01, 2004
1.the worst thing ever invented
2.blocking out "bad words" although the show might me MA anyway and shown at like 11
1. dude, i was watching music videos and they took like 20 words out
2. south park (classic example of over censorship)
by dude-im-cool-43 July 08, 2010
Censorship=It's okay to see a movie if it's got violence, blood, gore, zombies, fight scenes, explosions DEATH, swearing, drugs, but it's NOT OKAY to watch it if it has a woman in a bikini.
Censorship is fucked up shit
by Overlord of DETH April 03, 2003
The use of the principle of moral protection, thereby keeping that which may offend or breach the boundaries of good tastse, for society, and in particular, children, and keeping bad language (swearing) and pornography out of mainstream awareness.
Wow, all this porn on the internet and everywhere, you can’t help but see it and I don’t particularly want to!

Well, say something.

I tried, but the free-speech/anti-censors used Censorship on me.
by Missy M October 08, 2005
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