A way of changing someone's work to make it so nobody is "offended" by it. Censorship terminates "swearing", violence, sex, and other things that people see everyday. Censorship goes against a person's right to free speech, so do NOT support it! Censorship also totally disrespects the person who wrote it.
by 1001 October 09, 2003
What creationists love to do on youtube.
When looking at any fundie fucktard's youtube channel, they will likely have comments and ratings disabled. Censorship is the norm. Other fundie fucktards like VenomFangX will go as far as deleting any comment that disagrees with him or vindicates science. If they couldn't sink any lower, they recently started using votebot software to systematically give thousands of 1 star ratings to members of youtube like Thunderf00t, in hopes that their ratings get so low, you can no longer find their videos in a search. Of any particular group of youtubers, they, without a shadow of a doubt, are the group that can't take criticism.
#fundies #venomfangx #pcs #censorship #votebotting #coward #thunderf00t #atheist
by FuckPCS September 21, 2009
1. A tool of the dictators like the right-wing.

2. A republican's best friend.

3. The reason why anime on TV sucks, buy the video/DVD or make a club or download anime.

4. Whats holding back the U.S.

5. A scapcoat for bad pareting.

6. Something the IC channel (the only channel I know in the U.S) does not use.
The war in iraq on tv has been censored.
by The left wing king January 01, 2004
What the government and FCC need to stop so people can take responsibility for their own sensitivies
Kids can grow up without being exposed to the "less appealing" side of TV, but parents should take it on themselves to do that, not resort to the government for censorship
by RHS Student September 12, 2004
The way the government controls what we hear and see, bringing us but one step closer to Communism.
"Censorship fucking blows"
"Yea man, we might as well change our white stars to red ones."
by A-Train April 05, 2005
dumbest mother fu*king sh*t ever created by the government.
Censorship makes little Billy here more interested in what he is not allowed to see, therefore he goes to great lengths he might not have gone to, to find out just what he is not allowed to know.
by someguy June 03, 2004
1. stopping the free flow of art and ideas.
For those of us in the US we do NOT enjoy the right to free speech (even though it is in the constitution). The supreme court ruled in the Miller case that "obscene" materials are not protected under the 1st amendment and can be banned or regulated; translation: regulated censorship is constitutional thanks to a few activist judges who wanted the government to impose its morality on us. Basically if the subject or content is sexual in any way then whether its obscene or not is up for majority vote; they actually said if the average person would be offended by it and think that it had no artistic value (if you weren't offended by it or thought it was a work of art why would you want to ban it in the first place). This is why it is illegal to give porn to minors, because it shows sex even though this should be decided and enforced by the parents the government is getting involved. Also there's no law against showing violent material to minors, so basically its worse to expose them to consensual sex than murder.
#censor #porn #art #free speech #expression #1st amendment
by Trinu December 27, 2006
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