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1) A cross (as in Christianity) with a circle superimposed; a common symbol of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 2) A black + cross within a circle found at the center of a type of neo-Nazi flag (the cross is enclosed in a white circle and the rest of the flag is red). 3) A tarot card layout.
A large Celtic cross can be found outside the old Presbyterian church.
by LudwigVan November 13, 2003
Although less commonly known, the Celtic Cross is a fininshing maneuver perform by WWE Superstar Dave Finlay. He will pick up his opponent in a fireman's carry position and then grab the back of their neck so they are held upside down across his back. He then falls to a seated position, slamming them neck first into the mat.
Finlay won the match after hitting Matt Hardy with the Celtic Cross.
by Joe Syrus April 08, 2008