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(n.) a social phenomenon wherein which a person acts as though he is on his cell phone in order to shield himself from uncomfortable situations.
When Peggy saw the bum approaching, she flipped open her LG and began laughing incessantly as though someone had told a joke on the other end of the line. Still penniless, the bum's plan was thwarted by cellular faux.
by evil little monkey July 10, 2005
Coming from the word cellular, which is another name for cellular phone, and faux, French for false.
A method of avoidal using a cellular phone. This is done usually by sampling ring tones then acting like it's a call. All of this is done in the user's pocket if he/she is an expert. Otherwise, behind the back.
Sarah avoided the Jehovah's Witness solicitations on the street because she excecuted a perfect cellular faux, therefore saving a good chunk of time.
by s0x0r September 07, 2005
see also cellshielding and phonyphone
I don't care what you call it, my Ricky's starting to really think he's got some close friends like that.
by galcoolest July 30, 2005
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