The cello is a thick piece of wood that is placed between the legs and bowed until sweet sounds are arroused from the instrument.
"I spent the summer with a thick piece of wood between my legs." Practicing the cello...
A rad instrument, also known as the violincello, played between the legs with the strings A,D,G,&C. Famous Cellists include: Yo-Yo Ma & Rostropovich. Many bands include the cello including Panic! at the disco & Apocalyptica.
"Dang those cellos are rad!"
"I wish i played the cello"
by nikkki xdances March 27, 2007
homosexual- The word is a shortened form of Marcellos, who is a member of a popular internet forum. After repetitive association with Lady Gaga and soccer, the term "cellos" evolved.
Those shorts are way to short. You look cellos.

Straighten your wrist. People are going to thing you're cellos.
by J's 89 March 22, 2010
gay, homosexual.
Adriana's brother is so cellos, however, she is one hot whamajamma.
by streetstrip01 March 23, 2010
Dude, that was totally Cellos
by 931749137497hfjafjh March 22, 2010
my fav instrument ever! The cellists are the coolest kids in orchestra, not like the stuck up violins, shy violists, or- Actually, the bassists are pretty cool, too!
Awesome Cello Player: No, I can't do the dishes, I still haven't

learned the Goltermann Rondo, and I have a lesson tomorrow,

a masterclass on Wednesday, and my seating audition is next

Saturday. Jeez.
by Dobbstep August 16, 2012
A type of male panties typically worn by male strippers. Similar to a banana hammock.
David broke his g-string. (On his Cello)
by smugglingplums April 11, 2012

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