something that way too many 12 year olds have. something that is nice to have, but is not a necessity for everyday life.
why do you need a cellphone. give people a chance to miss you.
by mikey March 19, 2005
That thing ASSHOLES talk into as they drive or walk around feeling important.
Look at that asshole on the cellphone.
by Old Redneck Troll December 10, 2005
Small silver block that characters on detective television shows,all the CSIs, and "House" pull out of their pockets when the writers can't get off the bong long enough to come up with a better plot device. This cube magically give the characters the next surprising clue which allows the story to dangle or move to its surprise ending, depending on how close to the end of the hour it is. See DNA EVIDENCE
Plot direction:
Caruso:I'll see you in hell/jail/syndication.
(reach into pocket for cell phone) Caruso (pause, adjust glasses, or draw back sport coat to get good handle on waist). I'm coming in.
Peripheral Snarky CSI Staffer: Who was that?
Caruso: They found-the murder weapon/killer/a time slot for CSI Des Moines.
by Pantaloon January 03, 2008
A small communication device that is very useful to the owner if it used right.

However, many people abuse this fact and multitask when they're driving and if they're doing work that requires monotasking.
An example of this? Just watch somebody driving and about 78% of the time you'll see someone blabbering away on a cell phone.
by Pheimos January 24, 2009
A portable cancer-causing device that works by sending deadly radiation through a person's ear.
Cellphone drivers are brain-deficient.
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
A wireless mobile telephone. Works virtually the same as a standard land-line home phone, except it runs off of a batery and is wireless and receives signal from the numerous cell phone towers. Apart from a standard phone, these phones often include text messaging, ability to take pictures, browse the internet etc... very usefull and sometimes necessary (depending on your personal situation), especially if your on some nowheresville road and your car breaks down. PLEASE TURN OFF OR SET ON VIBRATE IN PLACES SUCH AS MOVIES/FUNERALS ETC... do not drive and talk unless you can actually do it competently, most people cant. some can.
Refer to definition.
by Troy February 16, 2005
Objects which are beginning to be given to little girls in 2nd grade who have no place to go thus have no reason to hvae one except to show it off, which pisses me off. They prance around in their little midriff baring shirts trying to be Britney Spears when infact they look like little spoiled riches bitch sluts, whose parents have no idea what the word Discipline and hard-work mean.
Little Girl: Like OMG Stacy, my Mom bought me the coolest cell phone

Stacy: OMG we can use it when we drive our barbie jeeps around the block.
by Mia February 19, 2005
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