Something that teenage kids carry around and try to add as many numbers and pictures to it as they can so they feel as though they accomplished something. Also used to "text message", which basically is the dumbest fuckin thing created by man.
My freind "textes" (yea, I think thats what they call it) 'I Love you' to his girl friend at least oncce every 30 seconds on this Cell Phone.
by Huhsuez December 16, 2005
A portable wireless phone capable of texting, internet access, and calling that current generations are extremely dependent on
Bobby took my cell phone and now I don't know what time it is!
by Amber Donaldson November 16, 2008
An electronic device that imprisons you.
John wasn't granted access to his wife and kids. He had been sentenced to a life long-career with a cell phone.
by Clarebear81 February 14, 2011
Proof that we are living in the future
Time traveler from the 1970s: Why are all these people talking to themselves?

Teenager in the present day: They're talking on cell phones, duh.
by Rasnodar February 11, 2011
When you have a partial erection, but someone thinks it's a cell phone in your pocket.
"Is that your cellphone?" asked the headmaster. "No, it's my boner," responded Ricky Red Pants.
by Ricky Red Pants August 06, 2010
a wireless device in which you make calls from anywhere you can pick up a signal.
I will call you from my cell phone when I get a signal.
I will test this device to see how it is edited with this word cell phone.
by mannman November 13, 2009
Something Drakes ex used when she needed his love
You used to call me on my cellphone late night when you need my love
by Holographicxflower May 05, 2016
An easy excuse not to interact with anyone in the real world.
Bob: Hey, what's up Steve?
Steve on cell phone: ...
by 1nvalidPoint December 31, 2015
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