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something that way too many 12 year olds have. something that is nice to have, but is not a necessity for everyday life.
why do you need a cellphone. give people a chance to miss you.
by mikey March 19, 2005
267 82
A portable wireless phone capable of texting, internet access, and calling that current generations are extremely dependent on
Bobby took my cell phone and now I don't know what time it is!
by Amber Donaldson November 16, 2008
5 2
An electronic device that imprisons you.
John wasn't granted access to his wife and kids. He had been sentenced to a life long-career with a cell phone.
by Clarebear81 February 14, 2011
4 2
Proof that we are living in the future
Time traveler from the 1970s: Why are all these people talking to themselves?

Teenager in the present day: They're talking on cell phones, duh.
by Morazar February 11, 2011
3 1
When you have a partial erection, but someone thinks it's a cell phone in your pocket.
"Is that your cellphone?" asked the headmaster. "No, it's my boner," responded Ricky Red Pants.
by Ricky Red Pants August 06, 2010
6 4
a wireless device in which you make calls from anywhere you can pick up a signal.
I will call you from my cell phone when I get a signal.
I will test this device to see how it is edited with this word cell phone.
by mannman November 13, 2009
4 2
An amazing piece of technology that lets you talk to people on the other side of the planet, but is never appreciated.
Jim: My new Iphone is a piece of shit.
Bob: Oh yeah my cell phone is a piece of shit to.
by Toadzi11a July 26, 2013
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a word on this website in which every 40-70 year old complains about because their son or daughter wants one and they just think that things like a cell phone, ipod, car, are all a waste of time just because they didnt have them in their teenage years.
yea you heard me old people, quit bitching about your daughters cell phone and get a life...
by bob mkcob May 20, 2008
18 17