something that way too many 12 year olds have. something that is nice to have, but is not a necessity for everyday life.
why do you need a cellphone. give people a chance to miss you.
by mikey March 19, 2005
That device which generally all people posess, it cannot be out of arm's length because of society's fear of losing contact. Teenagers "text" with it, and if they are not consistantly in contact with multiple friends and/or acquiantances, they implode. The average age a teen/child recieves this vital lifeline has been lowering since the dawn of the 2000's. While it used to be a device shockingly few people posessed, you now see many a six year old "texting," as they should be in order to socialize properly. A device people tend to throw against walls when frustrated.
"Mom, everyone else has a cellphone, and I NEED one to text!!!"
by raygenah December 28, 2009
Something that your principal confiscates so you won't be tempted to text message somebody during your science class.
Mary: *Text messages Staci*
Teacher: no cell phones in class!!
Mary: *texts some more* But, I got some important plans to do over the weekend.
Teacher: *confiscates it*
by Fuhreal November 27, 2007
The cell phone is a device originally intended to allow communication over long distances without the need of a grounded connection. however, recently, the cell phone has become the equivalent of a pace maker to many people.

millions of people in the world would die a slow and painful death due to not being in constant contact with there friends and family.

The use of new ever smaller cell phones has also caused much confusion due to the fact that you have no clue who they are talking to.

cell phones have shown to cause severe damage to the brains of rodents who were exposed to an active cell phone for extensive periods of time.
While oringinally intended to be a communications device, the cell phone has found many other uses, including angering the older population with people who walk around seemingly talking to themselves.
by weylin May 13, 2007
A portable phone designed for communicating wirelessly through the use of towers called "cells" hence the name "cell phone". Originally very expensive to buy and call on and fairly bulky, are now in some cases free and very small. As they've gotten smaller, more features have been incorperated like silent mode (vibrate or no ring) and other features like MP3 capability, ring tone, camera, color screen and some more features found in more advanced cell phones called "smartphones" with PDA like functions. Can also be used as "pleasure device" for women too cheap to purchase a vibrator...
"Dude I got this sick camera phone the other day!" -Other Dude "Dude your a cheapass for getting only a cameraphone! I got a smartphone a week ago and it's got 18231371 more features than yours does!
"Omg becky like the other day like my BF like dumped me so I had to like use my phone I mean you know like what I mean? Like I turned on the vibrate function and like OMG it felt like sooo good."
-becky "Like totally girl friend! I do that like every weekend like thats why like I mean like I don't have like a boyfriend ya know?"
by Philippine mango July 17, 2005
A life line for teens

Then stop using you're god damned cell phone so effin' much.
by FemaleKyo October 17, 2008
Cellular communication; how an amoeba communicates. You know; amoebae, like really, really small people.
Hey, lookit the cell phone under this microscope!

Of course it is! Can't you see that the one amoeba's phoning another one?

Of course his phone is cellular. What other kind would an amoeba have?

(If you're saying this out loud, it would be good to duck now and then, in case someone was going to hit you.)
by Downstrike November 17, 2006
Small electronical device that causes major distress in rich girls lives. If lost it could cause her to show paranoid schizophrenic behavior. It will also cause her mom to scold mentally handicapped kids and call them "immature."
"Mom! They took my cell phone! I thought they were my friends!"
by MOJOE April 21, 2005

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