Something a typical teenage girl CAN'T live without. It keeps her in touch with all her friends and she is probably always on it.
Hey! You wanna go to the movies with me and Amanda tonight?
by Brittany February 16, 2005
a nice device that can cause brain damage. also if you have an MP3 player on it...arghh
she called me on my cell fone last night and then we went on AIM on our fones. then i listened to the new songs that aren't out yet...all at the same time
by juilla October 11, 2003
Savior, Lord, God in heaven, Holy Spirit, the thing that saved me last weekend when i was too drunk to drive.
Thank fucking god i had my cell phone last saturday when my boyfriend fucked my best friend on our couch.
by Alli in wonderland October 12, 2007
Something all teenagers find is necessary when really its not at all...and makes people horrible drivers. . .thats why n.y.(the only state worth living in) has a law against it
an asian person driving + cell phone = death to everyone
by A bitch and i'm sorry January 10, 2006
Cell Phone (Cellular Phone, Cellphone, Cancer-stick.) N.:

The cell phone is a device that came out during the 1980's. It has gone through a series of evolutions, from the brick-like appearance that it once had, to the satchel-bomb looking Carphone, to the almost sex-toy in shaped objects we have now days.

Cell phones are host to a slew of 'programs' used for various forms of communication, from the Standard voice-interaction called Calling, to the Text-Message, right down to the tag-like system of Voicemail.

Oddly enough, these options all cost exorbitant amounts of monetary wealth.
So I got my first Cell Phone Friday... and I heard my wallet crying in agony.
by Chris Shank September 25, 2005
Device which transmits radiation that can give you tumors and phone calls.
dude #1: "I got testicular cancer from keeping my cell phone in my pocket!"

dude #2: "You're like Tom Green!"
by SLAYtanic February 01, 2005
A quick connection to the world.. a common factor among the rich and the poor. the joiner of all who are busy and all who are lazy.. the one, the only, the great communicator.
My cellphone is my life.
by easycomeeasygo August 02, 2004

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