A device designed to give brain cancer to a large sector of the population; this is for medical research, funded by pharmaceutical companies.

Recent advances in cell phone technology have made them more addictive (video, text messaging) in order to increase the exposure time of the average citizen, and thus, create a larger sampling pool for the new brain cancer drugs.
"Dude, like, text me on my cell phone. Ow, my head hurts."
by das uberwensch May 08, 2006
A personal locating device which ensures that you are pussy whipped
Nancy called me on my cellphone but I didn't answer it after I checked the caller i.d. THIS made Teri suspicious. So now my date doesn't trust me and my wife will be suspicious when I get home late. SHIT !
by J.J.J. January 07, 2004
A device that is very handy in getting help if you run out of gas on the road, lost, crash, etc. Of course, now all stupid fuckoff people have one and oh say... have it ring during Advance Physics and having the professor cancel class and missing important notes which could have been useful on the final because the stupid fucker wouldn't leave when the professor told her to.
Cell phones are great for 2-5 minute conversations every week or so but not ALL the time. God fucking people with cell phones piss me off.
by sdasdsadsadas May 23, 2006
Something that teenage kids carry around and try to add as many numbers and pictures to it as they can so they feel as though they accomplished something. Also used to "text message", which basically is the dumbest fuckin thing created by man.
My freind "textes" (yea, I think thats what they call it) 'I Love you' to his girl friend at least oncce every 30 seconds on this Cell Phone.
by Huhsuez December 16, 2005
A mobile communication device.

Once a status symbol for the upper class, but now a way to identify the teenage children of lower class people.
I went to the movie theater the other day and I felt like I was walking through a cell phone jungle.
by P.A. July 20, 2005
I don't believe in cell phones, becaues the devil made them. They kill people and rape their souls, then when they are done they throw you into a firey pedagogue.
Cell phones are the devils toys and joy.
by Sheena Roxx February 11, 2011

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