A very good way to fry your brain because of the deadly radiation passing through your ear. Plus, unlike what most teenagers think, you can live without one, and save your brain if you do.
Normal kid: Hey wassup?
Popular kid with 5 calls a second: Bshzzshhhzzzzphfshzz...
Normal kid: Are you ok?
Popular kid: I phzhinkh fhso.
Normal kid: Get rid of your cell phone, you'll feel better.
Popular kid: Fshzever!!!!!
by so busted October 19, 2005
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The thing of the past.

Today, pocket-sized computers that have (mostly) the same functions of a regular-sized desktop or laptop computer can do; i.e. read, write, surfing the web, look at the time and keeping time, listening to music, gaming (not the high-detail games like Skyrim, Call of Duty and such), e-mailing, etc.

The best feature these pocket-sized computers are well known for are the ability to call and text just like a cell phone, except a little more "modern". These are called "Smartphones".
Girl (on her 12th birthday): "YAAY! SOO excited! I got my first phone! I can't wait to show it to my friends at school!"

(The next day at school):

Girl: Hey, do you like my new cell phone? I got it got my birthday, yesterday."

Friend of Girl: "What is that ugly thing?? *scoff* You call that a phone? What is this, the 90's? Get a real phone like mine" *holds up a slim, shiny, new smartphone*

Girl: That's not a phone, that's a pocket sized computer!"

Friend of Girl: "Oh, true, but mine's still better than yours. Mine's the shit, yours is.... shit"
by Ilisten2Metal April 18, 2014
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that device that goes off when ur in class and makes u embarrassed when everyone hears ur ringtone that happens to be a song that came out ages ago.
*in class*
*shake that laffy taffy, shake that laffy taffy*
boy #1: is that ur cellphone? wat an old ass ringtone!
boy #2: *lies* its not my fault, my lil brother was messing with my cellphone in the morning.
by MissHersheyBesitos September 27, 2008
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a concatenated, shortened version of "Cellular Phone", named for its ingenious method of organizing groups of private frequencies into discrete areas. When a user's phone left one "cell", the user entered another, thus jumping from one frequency to the other without losing the call.
"John talked on his cellphone."
by Adam Kochanowicz January 08, 2007
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a modern day traffic holdup
that guy with the cell phone ahead of us is going 25 mph in a 70 mph zone
by onlyonebowman January 20, 2008
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A cell phone allows you to call anyone, anywhere it can pick up signal. However, driving is not a place for a cell phone.
Get off the damn phone when you drive
by lunar shadows November 06, 2004
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Stupid little thing that some stupid nerd made to simplify out life at the same time it destroy it.
Drive talking in the cellphone- fine, you can communicate, but only until you crash your car.
by -Marilyn- January 25, 2006
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