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A amazingly great singer who stooped as low as marrying her granddad after he made her famous.
Person 1:"Hey who is that old dude Celine Dion is with all the time?"
Person 2:"Oh that dude, she has been with him since she was nine years old, he loves watching his woman develop."
by Pinky Cat June 09, 2011
4 9
What did we ever do to our neighbors up north to deserve this megaton bomb of pretentious, pompous, screechy, annoying, bombastic, noisy shit dropped on us? Celine became a star in the fucking PC 90s and has sold zillions of albums. Her horrible albums sound like a cat caught outside in a thunderstorm. Either that or maybe she's being tortured. Anyway, her music is total crap, for yuppies and Ally McBeal fans. 100% godawful rubbish. It's going to take a lot of Canadian bacon, Labatt Blue and hockey teams to make up for this Canadian dud of an export.
I was in the wonderful city of Montreal and I had just toured the splendid Notre Dame cathedral. I ran across two American tourists sitting outside. It was nice to be speaking English with a couple of Yanks like myself. One of them told me that the cathedral I was just in was where Celine Dion got married a few months earlier. Like I really gave a flying fuck.
by California Sun December 04, 2006
163 154
(proper noun) A popular Canadian songstress, proof that you can be butt-ugly and still be famous. Married to Santa Claus (AKA Renee Angelil). FLATNESS
Celine Dion is the ugliest singer I know, and her husband looks just like Santa Claus!
by mr_brennan November 04, 2005
221 224
An excellent and perfect type of record to launch off city rooftops in Montreal.
Wow! Did you see Celine Dion almost cut that french guys head off! Awesome!
by squivo August 06, 2010
12 16
A quasi-sex act that combines the worst aspects of the Cleveland steamer, Darjeeling standpipe, Hawaiian muscle fuck, Trimdon Piledriver and Pasadena mudslide, with or without the use of goosefat, performed in groups of six to eight to the sound of contemporary rock.
Shields is going to the fucking dogs. Only last week behind Majestic Bingo I happened on a group of youths engaged in some sort of half-arsed Celine Dion.
by Lord Grimcock October 14, 2007
71 76
The source of all that is evil in the world. Creator of tastelessness and fakeness. Earns money by shrieking into a microphone and have senseless cuntmonkeys buy the recordings. All female artists who claim to be divas are totally owned by this egg laying mother alien diva.
"Hey, did you see that vile book by Celine Dion with pictures of herself and goddamn babies superimposed on flower petals and shit?"
"What?? Are you saying that Celine Dion not only tries to make your spine burst through the skin by raping sound recording equipment and have the shite aired on radio and TV but also by creating anti-christ art such as what you just described??"
by c-brown June 10, 2005
193 218
Celine Dion is a very bad lip sync performer.
Every body sees when Celine Dion lipsyncs- the sound is impossible for her to make because of her overbite.
by Susie Summers December 23, 2006
48 92