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The term used to describe the creation of an increasingly marginal yet conveniently accessible level of "celebrity"—characterized by those whose actions make them a regular tabloid/paparazzi target, thus diverting unwanted attention away from legitimate celebrities and allowing them to lead relatively normal lives.
Celebrities living in hot-spots such as Hollywood must be thrilled by the low-hanging-fruit phenomenon of celebstitution, which keeps the paparazzi chasing reality "stars" while they run errands and drive their kids to school in peace. (Perhaps they should even consider starting a celebstitute fund to ensure that this seemingly bottomless supply of willing distractions is kept spray-tanned and Ed-Hardied to their hearts' content.)
by daisydoesit July 24, 2010
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In the game of beer pong, when a player leaves a game for more than one shot and another player comes in for their shots it is a celebstitution.
Josh and Drew are playing their friends at beer pong, Drew takes a leave of absence and Sully takes his celebrity shot and he keeps playing for Drew. This is known as a celebstitution.
by JermIndian007 December 30, 2009

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