A kick ass station wagon made by Chevrolet from 82 to 88. Usually seen in a gold color, with a pimpin spoiler on the back. The interior is made from genuine hide of nauga, with vinyl and brushed aluminum detailing. Worth almost $25 nowadays.
My '87 Celebrity requires you to unlock the passenger's side front door and then hit the unlock button in order to unlock the driver's side front door with the key
by CaptainProjectile December 18, 2004
Someone who gets breast implants just to make money.
Look at her boobs!
by whoop dee doo June 23, 2003
someone who is lazy, gains everything without paying
that celebrity is a parasite
by didier May 05, 2007
A Person who Thinks they're better then everyone else on the planet because They've played in a couple of Movies Or They've been on the cover of a few Magazines. 30% Of the Media only has Really cool Celebs Like Cillain Murphy Or David Bowie
Paris Hilton Doesn't Diserve to be a celebrity because All She does is sleep around.
by Darkest.Hour.Rules February 01, 2006
To film any sexual act for home viewing or personal use only. Then to have it accidently posted on the internet or sold as amatuer porn.
Don't go pull a celebrity like Eve or you'll find your footage online!
by Rudy Valdez June 29, 2005
The tards flapping about on MTV, admired by girls aged 11-18 and anyone else with their mobile phone up their ass. Nobody should be obsessed over celebrities and if they are they are either a) a girl or b) a sped.
If you watch E! News, TRL (Total Retard Live) or anything to do with MTV other than programs that actually play music (and Beavis and Butthead - they rule) then you are a turd and should burn.
by Didda Tinkle May 21, 2004
A celebrity is someone who is popular and is usually in entertainment industry. Celebrity can also be used for people in other fields like scientists, doctors, fashion designers, writers who are usually at the top of their field and like to give interviews to the media and usually have a relatively strong social presence compared to other top people in their field. Celebrities usually have a dedicated fan base.
1. Johnny Depp is a celebrity.

2. Stephen Hawking is a celebrity scientist.

3. John Grisham is a celebrity author.

4. Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black are celebrities.(unfortunately)
by notacelebrityyyyyyy July 10, 2011
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