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The union between two famous people. Known for lasting a very short time.
I read about celebrity marriage every time I pick up a magazine.
by person November 07, 2003
the "union" of a relatively famous person to another person, regardless of fame, for popular or financial gain; infamous for ending before the presents are opened
Jennifer Lopez has a different celebrity marriage every season.
by wingtang December 14, 2003
1. A union between two famous people, which doesn't last long. The time it takes for light to travel the distance of the diameter of a subatomic particle is a quadrillion times longer than this union lasts.

2. When measuring the lifespan of something that fails, it's often measured in celebrity marriages.
1. Ben Afleck and J.Lo got into a celebrity marriage, but they were divorced before a camera's 1600 speed film could be exposed enough to take a picture of them in a married state.

2. Don't buy this preservative-free cow's milk, it lasts less than 10 to the hundredth power celebrity marriages.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighte February 08, 2009