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The term used to describe a "celebrity" who is famous primarily for bad behavior (due to either being completely devoid of talent or having their work overshadowed by their antics).
Tiger Woods co-cheater Rachel Uchitel seems to be doing everything humanly possible to prolong her celebritney status. (Look for her upcoming cover single "Me and Bombshell McGee" to drop any day now.)
by daisydoesit July 22, 2010
A famous person who destroys their fan base by acting like a complete loser.
The prom queen became a celebritney when the nude pictures hit the internet. Or Lindsey Lohan is pulling a celebritney.
by S. Wmson October 05, 2007
Any person famous for being famous, of whom we have all seen too much.
Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, and the ultimate CeleBritney, Britney Spears, were all at Ashton's party.
by katiekakes November 14, 2010
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