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A celebriligious person fixates on the the lives of celebrities (or more commonly, celebutantes) and takes great interest in the most mundane aspects of their lives with an obsessed, religious-like fervor.

Celebriligious zealots are often spotted reading "Us Weekly" or "People Magazine" or watching E!.
Ex. 1:

Celebriligious person: "OMFG did you hear?!?! Spencer Pratt just <did something douchey and retarded and not remotely interesting>!!! How amazingly interesting!!"

Regular person: "I hate you."

Ex. 2:

Regular person: "What are you doing?"

Celebriligious person: "Just reading in the latest People Magazine about how Brangelina's going to adopt another dozen African babies -- how sweet! And just look at what Paris Hilton was wearing last Saturday!! I just love her!!"

Regular person: "I hate myself for talking to you."

Ex. 3:

Celebreligious person: "Oh no! I forgot to TiVo the new episode of "The Hills"!! I just might kill myself!!"

Regular person: "May I help?"
by Mister_BS January 26, 2010
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