Failure to abstain from sex after a vow of celibacy. Pioneered by celebrities who announce celibacy, and then proceed to break this vow soon after.
Person 1: "What happened to Paris Hilton's 1 year without sex?"

Person 2: "She went celebate"

Person 1: "Fair enough"
by sarahh=) November 15, 2009
The re-invention of "celebrate." Celebate is a word used to describe a type of celebration about famous people. Hence the word celeb, in celebate.
I'm going to celebate lindsay lohan getting out of prison!!
by thepartyingcelebator February 27, 2011
to masturbate in celebration.
When I came in first in the race, I went home and celebated.
by gee clam May 10, 2009
Act of celebrating by masterbating!
I celebated after finals on Wednesday!
by Captain Spence123 December 12, 2007

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