1.) A name
2.) The name of a person in a game called Thief.
3.) Cedric The Entertainer
"Hi Cedric!"
If you've played thief, he signs his name on a letter.
by Quad X March 08, 2007
Top Definition
A word meaning king of all the land.

A word meaning a super sexy, totally cool person.

A word meaning a genius.
That guy is such a cedric.
by Super Cool-aid February 03, 2010
a super smexy, super cool, awesome guy who sings, dances, yoyo's, skateboards, snowboards, plays basketball, and loves sports.
he's is such a cedric
by alexa isaac January 09, 2010
Someone who's adorable and goofy;
Someone who cracks jokes that are not funny and he himself only laughs at them.
Someone who has a relatively larger ass than what most average girls have.
He's such a cedric. (He's so adorable)
She's got some Cedrics, yo! (She's got some big ass).
by Crazy Quaxie December 11, 2007
A Cedric is a person who enjoys playing sports but mainly soccer. He is also irresistibley sexy. He also is very kind, unless you are mean to people close to him. Then I would run from him. Also Cedric's are more tall than short. Also they are smart but may not appear to be. They like to play head games and mess with you, they take jokes to far. They are funny, almost everything that comes out of a Cedric's mouth is a joke but all in good fun. He also has a big feet
Stranger: hey what's your name?
Cedric: if someone were born deaf what language would they think in? By the way I'm Cedric
Stranger: French. I'm Doug
by Balla on A budget January 27, 2013
A person who is always there for you.
I'm so lucky I have a cedric.
by sssnb July 25, 2015
- An extremely sexy person who hates yellow vehicles.

- Has a weird effect of making girls want to dive

WARNING: A Cedrics smile is completely contagious.
"Wow did you see that Cedric?!"

"Yea, SOOO DREAMY, Lets go paint my yellow car... I hear lime green paint is on sale"
by your#1fan_your#1fan October 06, 2011
The bulge in a man's pants
I can see your cedric through those shorts
by PheelGood July 26, 2010
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