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Water in lakes and streams in the NJ pine barrens has a brown hue that is reminiscent of iced tea. This is due to a combination of naturally occurring iron in the soil plus the tannic acids from cedar trees. Ignore the other poster's ideas that it is poopy or more likely to harbor zombie fish, or whatever. Some of these places are very pleasant to swim in.
hear i am swiming in the cedar water of lake parvin
by nipsey russell July 06, 2013
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A type of poop-brown water found in the Tuckahoe river. It houses the world's most disgusting creatures, including rattle snakes and aqua zombies who live on the bottom of the river and breath water. Most people who live near cedar water are hicks with shotguns. When you jump in cedar water it gets in your nose and many are known to cough it up for hours afterwards. It pretty much looks like iced tea. The zombies can be brought to life by listening to Phish and looking up cedar water on the internet on urban dictionary.
Boy, this cedar water sure tastes like poop.

Boy, I wish there weren't zombies in this cedar water.

I wish my skin didn't look poop-brown in this cedar water.

The Atlantic Ocean is 4% cedar water.
by wdunleavy August 02, 2005
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