to teabag someone in online gaming after killing them, especially in any first person shooter such as counterstrike. The C key is default bind for crouch.
scene: Counterstrike any map

vs9mm: while holding voip button so you can hear the mashing of the ckey so not only do you get the visual humiliation, you also get the sound humiliation of hearing the clack clack clack of the 'c' key being pressed cccc while saying "You just got owned Aphex_Twin! balls in your mouth! uhhh uhh uhhh"
by vs9mm September 13, 2007
Top Definition

a serbian saying or "motto" which roughly translates to "only unity can save the serbs"
cccc, or samo-sloga-srbina-spasava, was created long ago and has been used ever since, and i dont see why it will ever go away.
by a serb who cares May 07, 2006
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