The boobiest boob who ever boobed. A fantabulous personage with boobs. Good ones. Her face is pretty too. Two. Boobies. YAY! loves Caz's boobies.
by Phoebchen March 08, 2004
A really bad odour usually from a fart or burp

1)Dude,that caz stinks!!

2)You really need to sort that dog out,he smells like caz

by T.L Spencer April 22, 2008
A word meaning to act in any way irrevelant, disgusting, sexual immoral or just acting like an antisocial. The words common use at Chaucer Technology implies disdain for an individual in Year 12
"Stop cazzing out"
"You are a real caz!"
by Guesswho211 September 17, 2005
Very appealing woman that describes herself as an enigma cagey and thus does your head nut in.
Oh go on Caz
by Tom February 12, 2004
a psyko JAFA, rumoured to know half of Auckland but is often elusive and hard to find... unless of course...

you know the right people!!
by caz March 25, 2003
the leader of the 5th yr army!! the silent assan! claims 2 b every1s da! has a very atractive sister and mother! mrs c! as they are non as :P
any1 messess wif u go 2 the godfather (caz)
if u wer 2 tok bout mrs c! his reply wld be im ur da!!
by 5th yr ciara clam April 12, 2005
A funny nosed manipulative bitch who wears too much make up and loves hobbits and old men
One day i was walking down the street and got scared by a caz
by Fred November 22, 2004

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