A white woman; specifically one that chases (usually) successful black men.
Katelyn Faber is a prime example of a cave bitch.
by Crushed Ice June 11, 2011
Top Definition
Some bitch that looks like a neanderthal, complete with big forehead, unibrow, hunched back, etc.
Saw a cavebitch in walmart yesterday.
by jpg3 November 26, 2011
Cave Bitch is a pejorative African American slang word for a white female. It's etymology refers to whites having actually lived in caves during and after Europe's last period of glaciation. It also implies a ancestral connection to Neanderthals, who lived in European caves much earlier.
Keep fucking around with them stringy-haired cave bitches and, one way or another, your black ass is going to end up in jail.
by Hoopermazing December 21, 2014
A white guy's black girlfriend.
Marcus asked, "Did you guys meet Harry The Bull's Cave Bitch?" Dunstan replied, "Sure did. I never knew Harry The Bull had jungle fever?"
by dickvandice September 25, 2013
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