Portuguese slang for H.

In everyday language, «cavalo» means «horse». This word entered the portuguese drug scene probably around the late 70's, when the first big wave of hard drug consumption hit both urban and rural Portugal.
«Eu gosto de cavalos» - I like horses.

«Eu nunca andei de cavalo» - I never rode a horse.

«O Tiago anda a dar no cavalo» - Tiago is doing H.

«Estavam a fumar cavalo atrás do ginásio» - They were smoking H behind the gym.
by Marquis de Carabas November 29, 2004
Top Definition
A Portuguese word meaning:

1. horse

2. heroin
1. Cavalos sao grandes. (Horses are big.)

2. A minha seringa do cavalo e grande. (My heroin needle is big.)
by contagion; July 10, 2008
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