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sexual encounter resulting in pregnancy.
Casual sex becomes causal sex when when you reverse the s and u, or omit the c-o-n-d-o-m.
by pbaddy August 18, 2009
Sex with NO strings attached. (: You know the good kind of sex...
"so, i called sally over man, Im gunna get some puss."
"oh, you to are dating?"
"Hell no nigga. we are just fucking..."
"isnt that...slutty?"
"HA! no. Its just causal sex."
"Dude, I need a 'causal friend' like that"
"I know, its the greatest, we fuck, she leaves, and i dont have to deal with.. 'HOW DARE YOU LOOK AT ANOTHER WOMAN!'"
by Leximuthafuckin'lexingtonBITCH November 05, 2007