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A trick that you play on friends. It's when a male turns his back to his group of friends, unzips his pants and takes out his cock and balls. Then he gently cups them in his hands and tells his friends that he has "caught a baby bird".

When the friends come over to investigate, the male reveals the true nature behind his cupped hands. Usually good for a laugh if done right.
1) Lance was hangin with his sister and 4 friends. He decided to do the old caught a baby bird routine. He turned around, unzipped his pants and told them to come over. They just about dropped dead when he revealed his 13 inch manhood - it looked more like a snake than a baby bird.

2) Zippy did the ole caught a baby bird to some girl outside the bar and spent the night in the greybar hotel.
by Jrubadub November 23, 2010
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