A Branch of Asians that are paler in skin tone and has less natural intelligence than the main branch
Jeeze man, you got a 80 on that test? your such a caucasian..
by stupidlazyazn November 05, 2009
A race of people belonging from europe
from blonde hair blue eyes to olive skin or very tanned and dark eyes.Caucasians originally came from around the middle east.Caucasians Include; Italians Spaniards,Poles,Germans.
Little girl: Mom why is the news saying the man wanted is caucasian hes real tanned.
Mom: Us caucasians are a race doesn't matter are skin colour.
by Rominasexyspician October 06, 2005
White people. Plain and simple. Why it matters in the first place is beyond me. No matter if you're African American or Asian American or even Caucasian, or any other type of citizen - we're all Americans at the end of the day.
"...that all (wo)men are created equal..." whether that be Caucasian or anyone else.
by ..Lewis October 16, 2005
The superior race.
Asian guy: Those caucasian guys are stupider than me, but he still beats me in everything because no one wants a ugly flatface zipperhead asian around them.

Black guy: Those white guys penis' are slightly smaller than ours, to bad we will only ever get to put ours into ugly asian/black chicks that the white guys leave aside to us.
caucasians win in every possible way.
by Winning white guy February 03, 2009
Any human that has light skin: from Brown passing yellow to very white. Majority are round eyes, thin lips, manily non stocky body bone structure and tall and head bone structure is, head hieght is at least twice as long as width.( as oppose to Asian, where height alomost equal width)usually made up of 2 to 3 variations
(A) southern euro's, white with brown hair and brown eyes.
(B) Blonde, light yellow to very yellow texture skin, blue eyes, also produce red hair
(C) The trillion man mix or the euro-mix(NOTE: not really too much considered a mix): white and blonde(Blonde are sometime called white as well for simplicity, but may not necessarily have white skin just as a brown type skin caucasian)
Caucasians(very losely white, since again, blonde don't natually have white skins but very close light to dark yellow)
Majority, usually see themselves as the same race even though they know they are not.
by Rcavox July 19, 2006
The technical term referring to those with white-colored skin.
"Caucasians are now a target of persecution by all races, even their own kind (see Michael Moore)."
by Dave September 13, 2004
Caucasian is the term used by the scientific community for pink skin.
Scientist: Record the condition of the test subject.
Assistant: The baby lab rat is pinkish, foetal, comatose...
Scientist: We only use scientific terms here. You mean to say the subject is Caucasian.
by SomeYolk October 12, 2006
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