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The best looking people and the best smelling people on the planet earth period.

Caucasians include people of British, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, Russian and Jewish herritage.

Everyone else is their own race
Wow look at her she's so hot. Ya man it's because she's caucasian.
by Kent Reynolds June 09, 2006
People who suck dick. Stop hating on Asians, blacks, Indians, Jews, etc. White supremacists can suck my balls. FUCK WHITE RACISTS.
Asian: Let's go to the carnival.
Indian: No way man, that place is filled with fucking Caucasians.
Asian: Oh. Right. Those guys suck.
Indian: I hear they torture anyone from outside the U.S..
Asian: Fuck them, let's go to my house.

African: I heard there's a new nightclub downtown, wanna go?
Latino: No way. That place is run by fucking white racists.
by whatthefuckiswrongwithasians?! March 23, 2007
There are many sub-group's in the broad term. For the most part they are decent and proud people, but regionally you can run into some trouble with them if your skin has more than 25% tint on it. Those sub-groups are mainly ignorant southerner's and uneducated right wing nationalist zombie fanatics who have no clue what they are preaching.
Who use's the word Caucasian in a sentence? As much as people hate it every say's white people like everyone calls brown people Mexicans or all dark drown people black. Get your head out your butt we are in America and no matter what anyone wants to believe this is a racist country and that goes for all race's living in it. F.Y.I This was not written by a Caucasian. That's a long Example. This is truth make a change.
by itemnumbernine August 23, 2009
a mixture and/or combination of being white and asian. having white skin color and asian eyes. or other features pertaining to the asian culture.
that boy with the white skin and asian eyes is caucasian!
by howdy-yall May 17, 2010
noun. Another name for a White Russian, a delectable beverage containing cream (or milk if you're a pansy), vodka, and Kahlua, served over ice.
"Another Caucasian, Gary"
by paulix January 28, 2005
A Branch of Asians that are paler in skin tone and has less natural intelligence than the main branch
Jeeze man, you got a 80 on that test? your such a caucasian..
by stupidlazyazn November 05, 2009
Ok, in reality Caucasians DO NOT mean Hilter's Aryans because Caucasians in general are a mixed-up bunch of people.Not every Caucasian is Blonde, Blue-Eyed(those are Nordics) and a majority would not classify as a legitimate "Aryan" under Hilter's policies.
True Aryans are Iranians. It has nothing to do with Europeans. Period.
by TM4 August 05, 2005