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a sex posistion exclusive to only white people. if a black person is caught in the act of the caucasian snerp n derp, the people involved must be beaten with sticks by chinese people. then be left naked on the street. if an asian is caught in the act of the caucasian snerp n derp will be left on the street with only a clear piece of plastic, because they seem to be both black and white mixed. mexicans will only be charged a fine of 50 tacos.
guy 1 "dude did you hear what happened to the black guy who tried the caucasian snerp n derp?"

guy 2 "yea he was left out naked on the street for a day or two"

guy 1 "yea thank god im only asian so i get to have a piece of clear plastic to at least look like i have something cover it up with!"
by derper44 February 05, 2011

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