Something that is attractive or pleasing, usually attributed to the female gender.
She is certainly the cat's meow.
by neederminer April 11, 2011
Top Definition
The epitome of cool. To be used with extreme prejudice to describe items too awesome to be calledBaddass,Sweet, or the ducks nuts
Wow, this vibrator is the cats meow!
by dale cooper March 02, 2005
something that is amusing; something that is hip in an old school way
your jokes are truly the cat's meow!


that 70's shirt is the cat's meow!
by stereophonic November 30, 2003
A pussy liquor (pussy licker)
A liquor that smells and tastes like a clean, sweet, young, hot, wet, woman/girl. (check local statutes for legal age.)
by Homer November 10, 2003
First, you inhale a giant bong rip and hold it in. Next you shotgun a beer, then finally exhale your toke.
Man I'm starting to get a buzz on, I just did 7 Cats Meow's in a row.
by Godisnowhere April 16, 2012
To take a bong rip,(preferably) or some form of weed hit then do a shotgun while holding the smoke in, the after the shotgun exhale.
Time to get fired up tonight and do some Cat's Meows
by Mitty686 August 24, 2011
Thinking you are better than someone else.
Look at how she holds her nose in the air, she thinks she is really the cat's meow.
by aimlesie January 04, 2006
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