Religion that worships "Da Pope", apparently because of his big hat. But we all know that the pope has a cool hat because it has to keep his life support hidden from everyone.
Hey, look! It's Da Pope! Maybe if someone sneezes he'll finally die.
by Jebus March 25, 2005
Gayest religion ever, wait stop, no Kabbalah is.
...somewhere in Texas...
John: I'm catholic.
Dan: You won't fit in here.
by Cocobird October 02, 2005
Catholics are a annoyance to the world and casue many wars.

Catholic school girls on the other hand are very nymphoic and can prove to be lots of fun.

Catholic priests are genneraly gay and hide it by having a fammily
catholic girls + boys/men + bed = fun night
by M1ndy February 13, 2005

The following is the definitive answer to the what is a Catholic.

1.)a homophobic person who renounces homosexuality yet endorses pedophilia committed by it priest... There have been thousands of priest who have been found to have abused children sexually but have not been arrested or received any punishment for their actions.
The Vatican is aware of the miss-deeds of its priest yet refuses to punish said priest and continues to object to the GLBT community at large.

2.) A person who follows a cult that was responsible for the merciless killing in inquisitions- Spanish inquisition and other such acts where it is said countless millions of people of other faiths had been burned at the stake by Jesuit priest and others.

3,.) A person who follows a violent confrontational religion that seeks control of every aspect of the world from government to individual.

4.) A person who follows Homosexual faith even though their church and the Vatican deny the homosexual nature of its priesthood.

5.)A person who follows a faith who history is written in the blood of innocent victims.

It is rumored that the Vatican has the name and location of every human born stored in a large computer.

It is further rumored that the Vatican seeks to implant all people with an ident chip 7-8 days after they are born to “identify” a person when moving from one area to another or to track people. The technology used is similar to what is found in pet I.D. chips.
Example of a catholic:
And overly religious person who objects to any other point of view and who is as spineless as a jelly fish.

Example of the Catholic system of belief: A religion that is violent and intolerant. Most of its followers lack the ability to think for themselves and are often referred to as sheep
by AnitChrist September 10, 2006
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