group of people on a neverending question to stop masturbation by scaring kids that they will go to hell
if you do that jesus will send your sinful ass to hell!
by b3n February 14, 2005
An evil, hate-mongering, supposedly Christian church responsible for as many deaths as Hitler, or maybe more, over the years. Have been around for about 1400 years, and originally did not associate themselves with Christianity.
My great-great-great-great-great Grandmother was alive in 1700's Europe. She was declared a heretic and burned at the stake when my 4x Great Grandmother was only a few years old. - This happened all the time for a few hundred years. They treated poor citizens cruelly, randomly murdered Jews and Muslims, and were cruel to cats and other animals.
by Myajd jdg August 14, 2005
A term derived from the Greek words 'cathos' and 'licos'. Cathos refers to male genetelia, while licos refers to rapid tongue movement.
I don't want them Catholics anywhere near my children, especially my boys.
by Peter Long March 22, 2005
a religeon were every thing is a sin, even taking a much needed shit.
Bobby: "God dammit mom, i gotta take a SHIT!!!"
Mother: "I'm sorry Bobby, but now that i got a new catholic boyfriend, everything is a sin"
Bobby: "Fuck that!, im goin in!!!"
Boyfriend: "You know your going straight to hell!"
by diseased sheep July 29, 2005
A denomination that has completly twisted Jesus' teachings and what christianity is about. First you don't have to pray to Mary or the Saints they are people, you pray to GOD. Second in Communion the Bread and Wine does not become Jesus' body and blood, this makes it sound like a pagan practice (wich is were alot of Catholic rites come from). Also excomunocating people for really bad sins is just plain retarded. I wil quote Jesus who specifically said tthat"I am like a doctor I heal the sick (sinners) not the healthy.
I am not a Catholic but a Christian. Catholisism is a religion run by a bunch of greedy, child molesting bastards that twist Jesus' saying in order to gain control of what people do and say.
by Da Facts April 02, 2006
the only people entitled to call themselves catholics are protestants, because we believe in the universal priesthood of all believers.
the correct terms for roman catholics are either romanist or papist, because they are members of the roman church and worshippers of the papacy.
i protest the truth of holy scripture, and the true catholic, universal, spiritual church of all believers.
by soundprod August 29, 2006
Member of the Catholic religion; or adjective used to describe a member of the Catholic religion. Catholicism is out of date and reluctant to move on; a lot of its members are hypocritical and blindfolded without realizing it. One of the world's leading religions, Catholicism gains many of its members by one of its many rules - if you're Catholic, your kids have to be Catholic or hey, you're kicked out.

A typical Catholic doesn't know very much about their own religion, or many of the rules they're supposed to follow; many Catholics don't even believe in what they're told, they just go along with it for the hell of it.

Catholics participate in an odd ritual called Confession; this has to do with talking to a nosy old pedophile who loves nothing more than to sit and listen to everything you've done wrong. And naturally, Jesus wants you to go to him through his impure representatives on Earth, not talk to him directly.

Many Catholics are discriminatory, due to another one of their beliefs that anybody who isn't Catholic will go to hell. Therefore, they immediately steer clear of anyone who isn't a member of their religion, and/or try to convince them to be a Catholic.

Catholics shut their eyes to many things, such as the pedophilia that goes on in their churches; homosexuality; individuality; etc., etc. Their indifference toward indviduality is made apparent in their strong Pro-Life stand against abortion: "we don't bloody care about your situation, it doesn't matter if you'll die if the child is born, you're dying for Jesus, who appreciates it!"

Don't become a Catholic unless you do what you're told and don't ask questions.
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
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