a religeon were everything is a sin, even taking a much needed shit.
Bobby: "God dammit mom, i have to take a SHIT!!!!"
Mother: "I'm sorry Bobby, but you know that now i got a new catholic boyfriend, everythign is a sin"
Bobby: "Fuck that, im going in!!!"
Boyfriend: "Boy, your goin straight to hell!"
by diseased sheep July 29, 2005
The 'original' European branch of Christianity, which have many bits and pieces of celtic goddess worship. Many evangelical and militant right-wing christian cults (ie. KKK) feature violent anti-catholic sentiment, which focus on the alleged papal decadence and the pseudo-pagan worship of Mary and the saints within the church. Such indoctrination is a direct hold-over from the Catholic-bashing propaganda that was first spread after the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. Catholics are sometimes referred to as 'Papists', 'Popelovers', 'Mary-Worshippers' etc etc etc.
'...These folks are still more pagan than Christian. Only now, their favorite goddess is Mary, the mother of Jesus. Catholics are no better than pagans or Wiccans, praying to stone statues and trees...'
by Krapnip December 11, 2004
The only religion where you can sin as much as you want and absolve yourself in time to do it all again the following week.
"Drunken orgy with nubile school girls and farm animals? Sure, I'm Catholic."
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
The church which sprang up in Rome during the time of Christ but not ordained by him.
In the 1300-1600's anyone who was not Catholic was murdered by these "Godly" people. Yup. Torture chambers, iron maidens, thumbscrews, anal pears, the whole bit. Not to mention beheading and burning at the stake.
The catholics DID NOT however, persecute atheists (surprise?)
Protestant religions, despite getting whacked out of existence as soon as the Catholics found out of their being, finally managed to prosper in the 1600's and eventually found their way to America. Then the Catholics showed up... *chop* *chop*
The Catholics also support homosexual activities. A "live as you please and then confess" lifestyle and such. You can sin all you want and confessing will make it legit.
When monks/priests and other "laymen" take a vow of celebacy, it is only in regards to women, children/young boys are not off limits.
"Man, those catholic schoolgirls look fine with their uniforms! You know she's a freak underneath it all!"
"Dude, you go out with a catholic girl? Your ass woulda been ashes for that not too many years ago"
"So, how long has your little cousin been going to confession? Let's check his anus and see how loose it is, you catch him"
by Clinton Washington May 24, 2006
Someone who thinks they are better than anybody else because somebody told them so, and they read it in a book.
The Catholic Church is the "Only True Church" How arrogant can these people be?
What about Hundus, Islams, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Shintos, and the rest of them? Are they all wrong? Are Babtists evil? Is being Episcopilian wrong because Mary isn't a Saint?
Who is right?
Why does the Catholic church proclaim supremacy? Did Jesus declare that?

Would Jesus wear a Rolex on his Television show?

Who seeks the truth?
by Wretchid March 15, 2006
Excuse for raping choirboys
ooh i was rodgering this choirboy real good when this policeman came in, but i explained i was a catholic preist and he let me off! what a nice man. he helped me afterwards in a spit roast.. he is also catholic!
by Bobbles March 31, 2006
A set of beliefs, practices, and rites irrationally maintained by ignorance of the laws of nature or by faith in magic or chance.
My Grandmother is so Catholic that whenever she loses at cards, she turns her Virgin Mary statue towards the wall. That'll show her.
by not named Michael February 02, 2005
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