Largely oppressed people (by the Native Americans, Jews, Protestants) but that never get any compassion for one reason: we are not whiney like other poeple that alwas want more and more.
A:When was the last time you heard a Catholic ask for something freely because we have been slaughtered?
B: Dude no one ever opressed Catholics...
A: Have you never heard about Saint Jean de Brebeuf being stoned and bured and eaten?
B: No man i heaver heard of that.
A; well thats becaus we dont complain in order to get favors....
by CATHMAN May 21, 2007
We believe in God, the father Almighty, creator of Heaven on Earth, Who thou gives birth to our Lord his son, Jesus Christ. We believe in Honesty and great Joy, a Savior, just Christ to Lord. Thou be on this day, the city of David, creator of the Catholics. Amen.
Jesus, the foundation of Catholicism, Peace on Earth, and well to the Poorness. Our Lord Hail Thou Catholic Belief forever on this day, on Earth!
by Thomulson September 24, 2007
Common misconception that Catholics believe everyone will go to hell. As a Catholic, we DO believe in forgiveness, God the father,son and Holy Ghost. We do not believe in vanity, which is why-in many Catholic schools- the girls will get suspended for stupid thing(i.e. wearing colored lip gloss).

Our services usually last a hour. We are the only religion(that I know of) that can drink at mass. We have a wine glass that the whole church shares, we stand in one EXTREMELY long line, drink our wine and eat our bread and then we kneel down to pray.

We do not believe in abortion, under any circumstance. We do believe that if we confess our sins, we go to heaven. Now, there are circumstances that can happen that a person can go to hell. we have a purgatory, which is simply a place that people wait to either get into heaven or hell.

A Catholic woman, well...those who are fully practicing Catholics and do EVERYTHING the book(bible) says, has to have as many babies as God will allow her.

Many people believe that Catholics hate homosexuals, not true. Because we are so forgiving, we forgive the gay people.

Now the problem is that some people confuse Catholicism with KKK. Very different. This is the reason Protestants and Catholics are not supposed to be married...they can be...but it's seen as taboo. When the KKK was first started, many of the members and leaders were Protestant. For some reason, the Protestants would pick on the Catholic,Jews, anyone that wasnt a white protestant basically.

As of the priests, most Catholics would never abuse a child. A little spanking is fine, never full on molestation. Those that do, will go to hell.
Good example of a Catholic......a Irish woman. Most Irish are Catholics.
by NICE.LIKE.THAT April 10, 2006
Contrary to popular belief, not all Catholics are hateful, vile, hypocritical sheep. Just as with any group, there are good and bad Catholics.

Catholicism is generally believed to be the "original" form of Christianity. Saint Peter was the first Pope of the Catholic Church.

On Confession: Through Confession, we believe we are cleansed of our sins. However, we can also confess our sins directly to GOd, not just through a priest.

On Confirmation: In Confirmation, Catholics become full-fledged Members of the Catholic Church. One is usually confirmed in their early teens. It is a Catholic coming-of-age ceremony- sometimes thought of as a Catholic equvalent to a Jewish bar or bat mitzvah. Before Confirmation, one chooses the name of a saint whom they admire and will aspire to be like. When confirmed, that saint's name then is added to your birth name. Confirming is usually done by a bishop or archbishop.

Finally, on who we worship: Catholics, like other Christians, worship God and his Son Jesus, whom we believe died for our salvation. We also worship and pray to the Virgin Mary; She was a totally pure woman, who voluntarily became the mother of God. She was chosen by Him, and is therefore deserving of honor. The same thing goes for saints- they were chosen by God and should be honored in accordance. Catholics do not worship the Pope or priests. We look up to them as leaders, yes, but that is all.
Lucy was recently confirmed, taking the saint name Cecilia (after the patron saint of music). She is now a full member of the Catholic Church.
by Viola June 12, 2007
1. a person associated with the Catholic Religion 2. a religion originally from Christianity - Christianity was a single religion until people propagated beliefs that are against Christianity that came about creation of other branches of Christianity like Protestants, Born again, etc. 3. a religion that believes in the existence of God, his son Jesus, Mary, and other holy persons like saints, etc.

most Catholics are very conservative like myself. we disagree with obscenity and false acts. we don't believe in abortion because we love life. we don't hate homosexuality but we believe that God created men and women to be together not the same sex.

There are two types of Catholics
1. people who believe in God and follow his teachings
2. people who believe in God but don't even care to read the bible or even follow their conscience

people befall category 1 if they have respect for life and relationship with people. They also value the integrity of a person and the family. They respect religious traditions like Christmas and other solemnities, and they don't disregard people who are obnoxious.

people befall category 2 if they have no respect for religious things, persons, events, etc. They don't mind even if they commit sins that are considered mortal and it is usual for them to lie. It doesn't bother them even if people talk bad about their faith and they are the ones who get addicted and depressed.
God is forgiving but there are just things that are too inhumane to be forgiven. Priests that know their vow should not commit sins against their teaching. People who go to mass but talk behind others' backs have no integrity. People who think that you can never learn about your faith are wrong. We don't disregard the presence of other religion and we respect their beliefs but please, if you don't want to hear anything negative about yours, then learn to respect ours.

I'm a Catholic and i think that people are naive when they talk about the faith. They are not believers of the faith so what rights do they have to judge something that they don't deeply understand!
by 197362 June 19, 2010
We believe in God, the father almighty. In the name of the Father, The Sun, and the Holy Spirit, Amen. It is given, that our Lord, Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas Day, The day of great Joy. On to you that this joy, was born to you, in the city of David, a Savior. Just Christ To Lord. For on to you, it shall be.
Luke, do not fear, for the religion of Catholicism, shall grant you Peace and Happiness. For do not fear, the Catholic Religion, founded by thou Lord, yours in Christ, thus believes in Power and great Joy.
by Monroe. October 05, 2007
The first Christian Church in practice and the second major Monotheistic religion to come out of the world. Being a theologian i can explain some of their unsavory beliefs in America such as contraceptives they believe that one should not have sex unless one is prepared and willing to bring a child into this world hence contraceptives nnot well looked upon, no sex before marriage ties in to contraceptives being that one should not raise a family unless they know that they are fully commited to eachother therefore they ask that you be married first, and last which i can properly answer why priests do not marry this goes back to the 14-15th century or so when the church for a period of time was corrupt and priests due to there having of families and need of money would imbezzle money from the church and spend more time with their families then with his pascal members shunning his duty to the church so to have them better oriented to their church and not to personal needs they banned priestly marriage. I would also mention abortion in this but its generally the same as the other sex ones and its already an unsavory practice.
You cannot get a divorce unless there was no love in the begining of you marriage for if there was it can be regained.
by jwns June 29, 2005
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