A Christian denomonation who are often referred to as people who worship Mary, hate homosexuals, and believe everyone else is going to hell. In reality, the average modern Catholic is relatively open-minded, while still holding true to many of the original beliefs of our church. Just to clarify, it is completely irrational to generalize the entire Catholic poplulation based on a few bad people who just happen to be Catholics. Many of us, while holding the traditions of our church in high regard, have our own ideas about things such as sex before marriage, homosexuality, and tolerance of other religions.
Person 1: "Catholics aren't real Christians!! They make people pay if they want to go to heaven!"

Person 2: "Dude, get your facts straight. That was in the fourteenth century. It's now 2011."
by libuse November 21, 2011
A person who just wants to serve God throughout their life without discrimination and being discouraged. We are not a religion of sexism, and we recognize Jesus as the head of our church. A catholic isn't someone who prays to Mary or saints, but a person who asks them to pray for them. The word catholic also means universal. A catholic tries to live a life of faith by God's grace and mercy and tries to help others do the same.
I am a Roman Catholic who loves Jesus.
by ChristmasChild33 March 20, 2016
Noun, cat-holic
Someone addicted to cats. Mistakenly used to describe adherents of the Christian faith known as Catholicism, which as a matter of fact has nothing to do with Christianity, but is the belief of certain Cat-holics that the act of being addicted to cats is a matter of religious belief and not a result of catnip abuse or mental disability.
One of the best known Cat-holics is popularly called the "Crazy Cat Lady" made famous by the American TV-show The Simpsons. Her real name is in fact Eleanor Abernathy and her great love of cats has nothing to do with her mental instability.
- Mr. Feliney is a Catholic
- Oh, he's a Christian then?
- No, he's addicted to cats
by Reviewmongrophobia June 09, 2012
The Catholic Church, more commonly known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the World's largest Christian Church. It has more than one billion members Worldwide.

Catholics believe that sexual intercourse should only happen after marriage and with the intention of producing offspring, not for fun. Most Catholics are virgins until they are married. Once they are married they will only have sex with their marriage partners, otherwise they will be going against the ten commandments and be committing adultery

Catholics rarely go clubbing and are commonly found in book stores and in coffee shops. Some state sex with Catholics is the most enjoyable sex ever.
Joe: I had sex with a Catholic the other night. Best sex ever!
Pete: I don't believe you!
by idfjgiodjfgiodjfoig August 02, 2012
The highest religon above all others. Jesus' homeboy Peter was the first Pope. That my friends shows that Catholics are the true religon because Peter was directly appionted by Jesus as our shepard. The pope is directly linked to Jesus. All those other religons are either copycats and just twisted the Catholic Church so the founder could do it their way or other religons are just plain wrong, like hindus and buddhists.
The Holy Roman catholic Church is the highest of all churches on Earth.
by creator of white tees April 30, 2006
Founded by St. Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, the (Roman) Catholic Church claims to have over one billion followers. The religion is based on the belief that there is one God who conceived in the Virgin Mary, his son, Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Church worships one God. As I am catholic, this definition ceases to be unbiased at this point. God is almighty and loves all of us, Catholic or not. Contrary to popular belief, Catholics worship God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. These three entities are one in the same, and are referred to as the Holy Trinity. All the saints that the church recognizes are prayed to for intercession and not as other gods. Similiarily, the Virgin Mary is prayed to as a Saint and for intercessions NOT as a god.

Throughout current history, the church as been synomous with corruption, rape, and hypocracy. I, being a catholic, can assure the reader that all innappropriate actions made by deacons, priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals, popes, and even alter servers, are appropriately disciplined.

Finally, the members of the Catholic Church are taught that it is the true church but are not brainwashed into blindly following a corrupt institution. Confirmation, the sacrament of officially joining the church, is a choice made entirely by the individual. As with all faiths, the Catholic Church is not perfect but strives to prefect its ways by acting according to its beliefs. Members are encouraged to research the faith and find reasons for belief.
An extremely misunderstood religion that is just as accepting as others and, if actually researched, a very simple, Catholic faith.
by FrenchChristian July 29, 2011
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