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1. Being universal in scope or magnitude.

2. A member of the Catholic Church, one of the major branches of mainline Christianity.
1. The King's tastes were catholic; everything from soup to nuts.

2. Much of Europe's great artwork deals with Catholic religious matter.
by montoro November 17, 2003
fucking crazy ass whore who thinks he can do bad shit, kill people, steal things, and generally be a bad person and all he has to do is confess to a priest and all will be forgiven. Doesn't believe in rights for women or anybody who isn't "white" or heterosexual. Offended by free thought, free speech, freedom in general.
that stupid catholic robbed a bank and then was aquitted 'cause he said three hale marys
by SmartPerson2008 August 04, 2008
When someone engages in the act of molesting a small child
Here comes the catholic priest. Quick, clench your cheeks
by Chuckster12345 December 03, 2008
the religion who happened to be the first chritians until martin luther came with his head up his ass and tried to force the catholic church to ass and take out things out of the bible. even thought the bible has a warning on the back saying ne1 who adds or taked out of the bible will suffer the plagues that r fitured in the bible" thats y catholics think hes burning in hell.plus catholics are christians for u dumbasses who dont believe so cuz the bible says that ne1 who believes jesus is the messiah is christian! and catholics believe so , so pull ur head out of ur ass!!!
ppl who insult catholics are hypocrites because u kno wat? u aint a good christian cuz the bible says respect all religions. heh u hypocrite.
by jennylovesean April 10, 2006
to be able to believe the truth of the holy bible for ten generations and hence enter the congregation of the Lord
that is the catolic religion. the safest way to enter heaven
i am a catholic and i believe in god i will fulfil my duties to god so that i can sit at his table
by angus macfarlane March 16, 2007
Members of Christianity. The faith and work of God they follow. And never do they cheat disappoint lie or steal. Nor d they hide their honor to The Lord Jesus Christ. Catholicism shall always depend on happiness for all. Amen.
Catholics are thou creators of God the Father Almighty. Creators thou are of Heaven on Earth. The almighty Catholics.
by Roo. October 11, 2007
Someone who lies, cheats, murders, rapes, steals, and or commits any sort of crime while claiming to be a religious follower/believer of Jesus.
Todd: I go to church every Sunday. I am such a good person, and I am faithful to Lord Christ and his teachings.

Frank: Didn't you rape that 12-year-old girl, and cheat on your wife while you robbed the prostitute?

Todd: Yeah, but I don't get your point.

Frank: You must be Catholic.

Todd: Precisely, but I still don't get you.
by Balano August 22, 2007
a religeon were everything is a sin, even taking a much needed shit.
Bobby: "God dammit mom, i have to take a SHIT!!!!"
Mother: "I'm sorry Bobby, but you know that now i got a new catholic boyfriend, everythign is a sin"
Bobby: "Fuck that, im going in!!!"
Boyfriend: "Boy, your goin straight to hell!"
by diseased sheep July 29, 2005