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the coolest person on the planet. his qualities include good looks, high iq, exceptional talent in all areas and just pure brilliance.
the one and only cathal
by ????? November 28, 2003
Dirty trickster, tease. Someone who knows how to push your buttons and uses it to their advantage.
I was so frustrated, he behaved like a complete Cathal...
by Pie March 29, 2004

Cathal is a male name, meaning 'mighty in battle.' Derived from the Gaelic elements cath "battle" and val "rule". Pronunciation may vary from region to region.
Hey Cathal, you would make a fine Emperor of the world!
by Emperor Skelton May 05, 2009
Irish male name (the Welsh are known as sheepshaggers, not the irish)
It's tagged in lynx onto a ramp in a skate park in fassnidge, Uxbridge
Pronouced COH-ol
OMG Cathal is the sexiest beast alive!!!
by Superduperman April 10, 2007
When you harm someone of an opposing religion, you've done a Cathal
Eric: Hey, why did you harm that Jew?

Fred: I dunno, I just felt like doing a Cathal!

Eric: Sweet
by Mrs. Cathal May 13, 2008
A poof that wants nothing more than to grow. Also an other word for a sheepshagger.
Simon is in the field and he is acting like cathal
by Mc glone November 28, 2003
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