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1. hanging around indoors, instead of going out (with friends, to the club, etc)
2. refusing to be a social butterfly
3. chillin like a villain


4. the act of residing in one's own comfy, blanket-wrapped, cocoon-like state to avoid having to go outside, to evade people likely to inflict peer pressure, and/or to eliminate the need to get dressed up or even shower
from 'caterpillin,' a song by Licki Ucroj:

"when you home chillin like a villain
we call that ish caterpillin
sittin in yo room
ain't no social butterfly: you ain't gotta bloom

wrapped up in a blanky;

comfy, not sweaty or stanky;

ain't out catchin cold,

so you won't need no hanky
ain't even gotta prep or groom
'cuz you caterpillin in your own cocoon"
by Licki Ucroj October 11, 2010