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A Small,lightweight British sportscar that has little bodywork. For hardcore drivers only...or Trackdays. Was orignaly called the Lotus seven.
"Did you see that...It was a Caterham!"
by Calster September 19, 2008
27 9
Ninja car, cheap little Bantam weight bastard driven by insane British men that'll hammer any other car on a moderately complex track
The ultimate Top Gear prize goes to a thirty five thousand pound car (Caterham) that came here and
smashed the Bugatti’s one million pound face. Jeremy Clarkson
by T3h_Bodysnatcher June 21, 2010
20 9
A depressing little town in England that wouldn't have anyone living in it at all if it wasn't so close to the M25.

Nothing new has been built in Caterham for 40+ years. Residents still watch CEEFAX on their black and white TVs and consider the Slinky to be advanced technology.

Caterham is home to chavs, old people, and a line of obnoxious automobiles. On a Saturday night, Caterham residents like to get together and compare their criminal records.

The local shopping parade and high street are really quite something. You can go into every shop there and not one of them will have anything for sale at a fair price (or anything useful for sale at all). You can often hear the shopkeepers having loud conversations about their criminality.

Caterham does have a police station but clearly no police working there, you could probably take a shit right outside and stand there for over an hour with your underwear around your ankles and no one would do anything.

Spiritually speaking, Caterham is one of only 3 towns in the UK where you can go to get your soul revoked. While you're there, why not try the Caterham KFC. They reheat the left over KFC from more popular towns. By the time you eat it in Caterham, your chicken burger has been cooked well over a dozen times.

Only the 5 richest residents can afford a can opener, and everyone else is saving up to buy an outhouse. People in Caterham are poor because of the insanely low levels of human qualities that they posses.
"In Caterham I saw a farmer trying to milk a duck"
by Mayor of Caterham September 20, 2011
19 30