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CATDOG...the coldest tv show ever i mean damn yo he was my hero he was the coolest but cat was a abitch as trick cause he nwas mean 2 dog nd ate the fish dog had
CATDOG should b every1's hero
catdog is the coldest ever dont ever disrespect him
by Shizz Matic September 04, 2006
To simultaneously vomit and shit. (definition comes from the tendency of cats to puke everywhere and dogs to shit everywhere. Usually a condition of extreme inebriation).
I was so drunk, that when I stepped in the bathroom I began to catdog all over the place.
by Ron Ketner February 27, 2007
When two men are docking both of the men simultaneously piss in each other's dick
Man oh man, me and jimmy totally did the cat-dog last night, best time of our life's
by Bloody smegpot April 09, 2014
An indecisive, unsure person. However happy the person may appear, they will spend much of their life trying to find out who they really are. Often taking the longest path, these people will find someone along the way who will give them the confidence they need to discover who they are, and what they need from life.
I'm like a Catdog! God knows who I am!!!
by Sweet Nat February 22, 2006
A sexual act between a man and a women. Also can be man on man. It is similar to scissoring, except it is more majestic and beastly!

Best performed on a long couch.
Dude: Baby lets Cat-Dog
Gurl: meowww
Dude: I guess that means I'm dog
by haleme July 08, 2016
A cartoon that was a culmination of years of research. The result being a viewing experience that defied the laws of nature by exponentially creating a more evil experience with every minute viewed.

Were someone to watch every episode created in full, the result would be an instantaneous injection of evil directly into their hearts that would cause them to smash the fucking shit out of every animal with a limb, head, genital, or anything vital underneath the heel of their boot.
Have you seen cat dog? Oh you have? No don't shoot my fucking dick off? AHH Why did you shoot my dick off? No don't smash my hamster! You smashed my hamster.
by A-dawg A-rod Jamison December 23, 2009
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