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A girl who gets eiffel towered. Eiffel Tower, when two men have sex with one girl at the same time, with her in a doggystyle position, and one guy is getting oral sex, or troat, and the other is having sex with her vaginally. The men then high five eachother with both hands high above their heads and that forms the eiffel tower shape. The girl is catching l's, or each guy having sex with her.
'Guy 1' : Dog, have u herd whatsgood with that beezy Lauren?
'Guy 2' : I mean I kno shes a slut but nothing else.
'Guy 1' : I heard that she was catching l's last weekend.
'Guy 2' : Damn, we shulda tried to hop on that eiffel tower tho.
by Bobby Coles June 14, 2010