1.) A chic with some long-ass mud flap pussy lips...you blow it and it opens up like a catchers mitt...it'll swallow your dick whole.
I was gonna eat that pussy, until she opened up her legs...that shit was like a catcher's mitt! Wrinkly, overused, and abused.
by Harry November 01, 2004
Top Definition
an old dry worn out vagina that has seen quite a bit of action.
Johnny lost his boner after seeing Jane's catchers mitt; he wondered who hadn't been between those meat curtains.
by Malgeo December 10, 2007
A word descirbing the appearance of a woman's worn out, tired ass vagina.
Damn, that bitch had a fuckin' catcher's mitt! Yeah, she was nasty, but fuck it, ya know?
by Justin May 04, 2004
A dried out, purple pussy usually on an old broad who has not had sex in years. It looks like a vintage catchers mitt from the 1930's.
Beth has a catchers mitt for a snatch....
by d0c March 17, 2008
An affliction of hand cramps resulting from spending long periods of time on all fours as the recipient of anal sex (or vaginal sex doggie style). Sometimes it involves splayed or swollen fingers that resemble a catcher's mitt. The term derives partly from catcher, meaning a bottom or recipient of anal sex.
A: How was your date last night?

B: Pretty good. We went all the way. But I was on all fours for so long and never really found a comfortable position for my hands, so I'm gonna have catcher's mitt all day today. Ouch. Probably won't be able to finish stitching that sampler till tomorrow. Oh, and my ass hurts too.
by Bodenheimer September 27, 2009
The act of having the doggy poop bag, gloved, in hand, situated right underneath the dog's hindquarters as the dog poos; capturing every last piece of canine defaction.
Looks like Smokey's about to poop - I got it - CATCHER'S MITT!
by Sandy Riverside September 17, 2011
A catchers mitt is when you place a wad of toilet paper or other absorbent material in your hand to catch an out of control ejaculation.
Sam: Dammit Daniel I had to clean the the t.v screen after I got done jerking off last night.

Daniel: Your fault you wouldn't have shot your load all over the screen if you would've had your catchers mitt handy
by Sketch2825 February 19, 2010
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