A technique one uses when making a poop in a public restroom. This involves wrapping toilet paper around the seat in such a manner as to delicately catch the poop before it can splash you and get dirty public toilet water on you. A deft touch is needed so as to allow the caught poop to slowly submerge in the water and not be suspended in midair.
That bathroom was so nasty, I had to put a catcher's mitt on the toilet before I could even think about pooping.
by the george October 13, 2006
Top Definition
an old dry worn out vagina that has seen quite a bit of action.
Johnny lost his boner after seeing Jane's catchers mitt; he wondered who hadn't been between those meat curtains.
by Malgeo December 10, 2007
1.) A chic with some long-ass mud flap pussy lips...you blow it and it opens up like a catchers mitt...it'll swallow your dick whole.
I was gonna eat that pussy, until she opened up her legs...that shit was like a catcher's mitt! Wrinkly, overused, and abused.
by Harry November 01, 2004
A word descirbing the appearance of a woman's worn out, tired ass vagina.
Damn, that bitch had a fuckin' catcher's mitt! Yeah, she was nasty, but fuck it, ya know?
by Justin May 04, 2004
A dried out, purple pussy usually on an old broad who has not had sex in years. It looks like a vintage catchers mitt from the 1930's.
Beth has a catchers mitt for a snatch....
by d0c March 17, 2008
The act of having the doggy poop bag, gloved, in hand, situated right underneath the dog's hindquarters as the dog poos; capturing every last piece of canine defaction.
Looks like Smokey's about to poop - I got it - CATCHER'S MITT!
by Sandy Riverside September 17, 2011
A catchers mitt is when you place a wad of toilet paper or other absorbent material in your hand to catch an out of control ejaculation.
Sam: Dammit Daniel I had to clean the the t.v screen after I got done jerking off last night.

Daniel: Your fault you wouldn't have shot your load all over the screen if you would've had your catchers mitt handy
by Sketch2825 February 19, 2010
A hand full of Pooh while still in the pants.
I was scratching my ass when I felt like farting. I accidently crapped my pants instead. When I pulled my hand out of my pants it looked like I was wearing a Catcher's Mitt
by Slacker 4200 January 06, 2010

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