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The term given to Physical Training shorts issued to US Special Operations personnel during training. These one of a kind shorts are extremely short and have a specially tailored cut that ensures the wearers genatalia to show during numerous exercises. Comes in sexy OD Green. Also knows as "Ranger Panties". They closely resemble Richard Simmon's work out shorts.
Dude, why was sergeant Johnson wearing those "catch me fuck me's" at Organization Day? I though he left the Ranger Batt a year ago... they looked totally gay.
by SOCOMdaddy April 20, 2008
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Prison term for plain white underpants or extremely tight pants or shorts.
That punk in C-dorm wuz wearing them catch me fuck me's, so I grabbed him and gave him a big kiss. Then I left a twinkie and a cold soda on his bunk, to say thanks.
by Signal 20 October 06, 2006
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The hideous shoes, often worn by punchy bastards.

Similar to Indian moccasins, only uglier.

Google "desert stickers" for picture.
Hey Lupher, why are you wearing catch me fuck me's?

Because they're comfortable!

But they are hideous! God you look punchy!
by KState Legend December 08, 2010
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