A back disorder caused by carrying objects that are to heavy. Only used by confused freshmen.
Girl on sidewalk: "I'm gonna get cataracts in my back cuz my backpack is so heavy today!" Overheard@NDSU
by Twentysix February 15, 2012
Top Definition
A cataract can be caused from trauma, or more commonly, old age. A cataract is what occurs when your optical lens in your eye becomes so dense, that it cannot allow light to filter to your retinae, effectively making your vision dim and/or blurry.

The only effective means in removing a cataract, and therefore restoring vision, is surgery.

It is believed that cataracts come with age, and that if everyone lived long enough, everyone would develop one.
After being hit with a double A battery that ricocheted off the wall, I developed a massive cataract.
by tacomation August 19, 2006
1. noun- an eye disorder; a clouding of the lens which affects vision.

2. noun- an Asian luxury car.
1. "My vision improved after cataract surgery."

2. "After I mow the rawn, I am going to drive my Cataract Escarade."
by Willy Bobo December 31, 2003
Redneck term for a brand of luxury automobile. (Cadillac)
My Paw brought himself a new Cataract.
by Maxwell March 23, 2004
The condition where your eyes are very watery and are blinded. This is the state you get in when you smoke a lot of weed or weed of high quality.
We gonna' smoke 'till ya eyes get cataract.

Oh snap son, you have an interview for your college and your eyes are cataract. I told you, you should have not smoked some kriptonite an hour ago.
by Eric "Escalade" February 16, 2006
A family disconnected from the outside world who breed amongst themselves and usually engage in a whole load of incest.
Don't go up the montains that's where the cataracts live
by EastCoastBoot December 23, 2003
The # 1 American car, sold in Asia.
AHH SO you Bought a cataract, I thought you were buying a Rincon.
by JasonFive December 24, 2004
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