The sexual act of inserting 3 or more red grapes into the vaginal canal and using your penis to juice the grapes into a liquid state for consumption afterward. Once fully mixed a hardy POW is yelled to signify completion.
Last night during a sensual evening Jordan suggested to Ashley that they should have a Catalina Wine Mixer.
by Baby_Belly_69 May 29, 2010
Top Definition
When something is very unexpected and awesome
So I pulled this girls panties down and she had two vaginas!! Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!
by Dude with two dicks August 03, 2008
A Helicopter expo from the film 'Step Brothers'. Also known as the 'Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer'.
I bought 3 helicopters at the Catalina Wine Mixer!
by PoppaBear May 03, 2009
A event that starts out as a small kickback but before you know it There's a guy riding a horse naked, people shotgunning 24 oz beers, three girls making out and all the bathrooms are full of people either fucking or puking or both. It's a god damn Catalina wine mixer.
Dude last night was a fucking Catalina wine mixer. It started with just a football game and ended up with bob screwing a fat chick while Nate puked in the toilet!
by Jdub007 May 04, 2015
While watching Facebook videos of Matt Bellassai, and while drinking a fine merlot, the man puts a cork in his ass and swings his fully erect penis around like a helicopter rotor...all while listening to Por Ti Vilare by Will Ferrell.
When we get hawkeye drunk on the whiskey rain, Jim likes to do the Catalina Wine Mixer.
by ahmeelia April 21, 2016
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